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Fire Alarms



fire alarms:


Fire is destructive and can have many long term impacts on your business and cause disruption for many weeks and cause:

  • Substantial property damage
  • Loss of valuable customer and client information
  • Loss of valuable equipment
  • Loss of stock
  • Loss of revenue

Intruder alarm systems fire and smoke alarms detect the signs of a fire in the early stages and can pinpoint its location across large premises. Different sensors detect a variety of fire situations from fast flaming blazes to slow, smouldering fires that can release poisonous gases.

Our 24 hour monitoring ensures your business is watched over at all times, even during out of normal business hours. Integrate your fire detection with your security systems to give you a complete fire and security peace of mind.

Intruder Alarms fire systems co-ordinate a safe and orderly evacuation with clear audible instructions in an emergency situation. Be prepared for fire emergencies with the help of our monitored fire systems and trained professionals 24 hours a day.