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Digital & IP CCTV Systems

CCTV deployed in shops and businesses allow you to easily log into your store via the Internet. This will allow you to spend more time evaluating what goes on when you aren't there! CCTV/Security Cameras prevent, deter, and catch illegal activities which can occur within your working environment. These can include:

·         Shoplifting

·         Burglary

·         Internal theft

·         Vandalism

·         Robbery

·         Fraudulent customers

Mcgrath Electrics knows that a quality security system can literally be a life-saver, and we guarantee a highly skilled professional for every project, big or small. Our advisors will help you choose and customize the modern, high-tech hardware you need to get maximum results at minimum cost. Let Mcgrath electrics ensure your peace of mind by providing the right products, the highest quality installation, with the personalised service that you deserve.

From single camera to multiple sites, multiple camera systems incorporating hundreds of cameras, Mcgrath Electrics has experience in designing and installing them all. We install the very latest in system technology and are constantly reviewing and researching new products to make sure that Mcgrath electrics remains at the forefront of cutting edge product technology.

Our CCTV systems can be set up to be remotely monitored by a control centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a cost which is surprisingly affordable. At Mcgrath electrics we are incorporating new technology all the time in our fight against crime and keeping people safe. Network Camera Technology (also called IP Camera Technology) can be described as the technology that allows us to view a stream of images, live or recorded, over a computer network or the Internet.


The ICR Flex Series DVR‘s come in 4, 8 and 16 channel platforms. With H264 compression and a design build that includes the ultra-fast video processors, image recording and transmission over the internet is seamless, fast, efficient and stable.

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The EL-3000 is an ‘Auto Focus’, day/night camera specifically designed for high quality professional Day/Night surveillance.

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IC Realtime has developed the EL-ID1 camera, the most advanced license plate camera currently available on the market.

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The ICR-300H2W-600TVL is a vari-focal weather proof day/night vandal-resistant dome camera.

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ICR-600VD - 600TVL IP68 2.8-12mm Vandal Proof Dome

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PTZ Cameras

The ICR-3300 PTZ camera has been designed to offer an extremely reliable, robust, and high quality surveillance solution for security applications that demand the very best performance.


Under Veichle Surveillance

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