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Access Control & Intercoms

The threat of physical damage to valuable equipment and records, data theft by criminals or discontented employees rises daily. Restricting personnel, contractors' or visitors' access to buildings or areas is becoming ever more important. Securing your premises from unwanted guests and protecting your staff and assets is a big issue for any company Access Control Systems can provide your business with, not only physical security and convenience, but also a valuable tool which can be used for timekeeping, attendance and payroll purposes.


Our Access Control Systems can be fully configured and controlled by PC software, either locally or remotely, using your existing LAN/WAN. Access control can offer flexible control over users' access rights. For example, all staff can gain access through the main door of a building, but access to internal areas may be restricted to those who have a specific need to be there. Access may also be restricted by time, only granting access to particular users at certain times of day or night.

Equipment ranges from single, audio and video door entry systems to multi site systems, capable of controlling thousands of users and doors. Our Access Control Systems can also be integrated with other security equipment, providing means of unsetting alarms, recording CCTV images, opening fire doors, generating fire roll calls, etc.

Access Control can be:

  • Intercom Systems - allowing two way communication with caller
  • Code Locks - where authorized persons punch in a code
  • Proximity/Swipe cards - electrically recognized tags
  • Video Entry phones - enhanced Intercom systems with picture display

Access through doors can then be allowed to open by various means:

  • Electrical latch release
  • Magnetic lock release
  • Auto opening equipment

Access Control might use telephone or video entry security, CCTV or alarms Door, Gate and Barrier Access Control is the modern answer to property protection - DOMESTIC - COMMERCIAL –INDUSTRIAL

Comelit Intercoms

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